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Fuzzmon is a strategic fighting game that features various mutated animals that possess special powers. In this game, you will choose from the selection of enhanced animals available and engaged them in a battle with another animal. In every turn of the battle round, each of the players will have a slot machine-like interface that will allow them to select an attack and a power level of the attack.
The great war begins and Fuzzmon characters are struggling against war robos this time. Select a character between 50 different fuzzmon or robo fighter and participate the fights. Play with your friend or participate the tournaments to try to win. The important clues for completing levels successfully are to select correct power-up and are able to solve super booster puzzles which appears during the fights.You can define the type of the attack and power of the attack by stopping rotating spiral in the fights which have 4 different attack type.Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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