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PC Smash Bros is dedicated to all those people out there like me who hate it when there pc goes belly up. At this time I'm sure like me you have felt like smashing your pc into smithereens. At some point in your life you will work on a pc and it will return an error, all be it a laptop or desktop. When this happens unless you are a whizz kid it can take a long time to learn how to fix it. The alternative is to take it to a pc repair shop where they charge you a small fortune to fix it for you and in some cases stretch the truth or lie to charge you more..The intro tells you how you get those damn system errors. Then the PC Smash game begins just to let you to blow off steam. For getting out of stress, you can smash this computer which keeps warning you with a stop error. Only use mouse to hit at computer freely with no rules and no limits. When you completely destroy it, just click on the REPAIR button to hitting at a clean computer only for relaxing in child games.Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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