Super Smash Monsters

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One brave adventurer. One huge dungeon. Tons of angry monsters and zombies. Are you ready for an epic quest? Then dive into this old-school action game.Help Alex go face to face against monsters in this fun Shoot Em Up 2D dungeon crawler. Super Smash Monsters is made with old school concept in mind. Use many type of weapons such as machines guns, flamethrowers, and more.Monsters are crawling all over the place and you must defend yourself by killing them using a gun. Collect gold dropped from the monsters or by opening treasure chests. Solve mini puzzles and progress your way to the deeper area. There are also bosses waiting for you in a certain area. Watch out for minions that can come back to life after killed; run after they are down. Have fun exploring the dungeon!Much fun!Join now and have fun!


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